Technology Tuesday: Spring Break Technology Sabbath

Whenever we speak about technology to parents, we stress the importance of taking Technology Sabbaths...  If we’re going to teach the kids we love to unplug, we need to do so, as well.  We have families at Daystar who are taking technology-free spring breaks…or even a day or two technology-free on their spring breaks.  We also have parents who purposely go on trips where WiFi isn’t available or doesn’t work so well…might just be a thought for future family trips!

I was with a group of high school girls this week talking about their spring breaks, and the subject of social media came up.  They quickly started talking about how hard it can be, seeing all the photos of friends in glamorous locations, often together, and looking perfectly...

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Technology Tuesday: Safeguarding our Kids Just Got Easier!

When we created the blog, our hope was to get as much good information to parents as we could.  We wanted to share what we’re learning from sitting with kids, adolescents and families in our offices every day.   Not a day goes by that we don’t hear a parent voice how overwhelming it feels to parent in the Technology Age.  It’s a daunting task to keep kids safe with so much out there.

We’ve been fortunate to have the great folks at 3N1 Media on our side.  If you’re a Nashville family, you’ve likely heard us recommend 3N1 as a great resource in our community.  They not only provide great service to businesses in our community, but to families as well...

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