Technology Tuesday: Addicted to Technology?

5 Indicators Your Child May be at Risk for Being Addicted to Technology

We trust and respect the great folks at Love and Logic.  We recommend their books regularly in our work with families and when we speak across the country.   Here is a link to where they’ve summarized a body of research to identify 5 risk factors for Technology Addiction. Continue Reading


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Balancing Boundaries and Freedom

This most often shows up in our attempts to set healthy boundaries while also supporting our kids’ independence and allowing them to have freedom.  We speak to this throughout the Intentional Parenting book in our conversations about the importance of allowing kids to struggle.  Tim Kimmel calls them “designed dilemmas,” and the folks at Love and Logic call them SLO’s (Significant Learning Opportunities).  They are simply moments where we avoid jumping in and rescuing, and allowing our kids to learn through their decisions (good and bad).  These moments are always about developing character, and strengthening resilience.  

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