Mother's Day

I have the honor of knowing a woman who has been battling stage 4 cancer for several years.  She is remarkable.  She fights beautifully…not just fights this stupid cancer, but fights for her children in a culture that too often fights against them.  She fights for her faith in a way that inspires me to do the same.  And, in the midst of tremendous struggle and heartache, she fights to maintain the sort of gritty, buoyant, dogged hope that epitomizes who she is.  I want to be more like her.  And can’t say enough what a privilege it is to…

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Happy Countdown to Mother's Day

Happy Countdown to Mother’s Day!  We’re about to start our own Mom’s brand of March Madness at Raising Boys and Girls!  It’s been so fun hearing from those of you who are reading our new book, Are My Kids On Track?!  So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re about to start 12 weeks of Giveaways featuring YOU!!!  Each week, we’ll highlight a different milestone from the book.  (If you’re late to the Are My Kids on Track party, it includes 12 milestones we believe are crucial for kids to reach and are happening less and less these days.  There are 4 emotional, 4 social, and 4 spiritual).  So, here’s the plan...

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Mother's Day & The Gilmore Girls

As a counselor, I make a lot of recommendations to families.  One of my favorites—for mother’s and daughters, in particular, is to watch a show called the Gilmore Girls together.  It is hilarious and sweet—and speaks to the longevity and loyalty of relationship.  Lorelai is not a perfect mom, nor is Rory a perfect daughter (although she tries awfully hard).  They go through the normal ups and downs that moms and their girls (and boys) do—especially in those delightful middle school years.  But they always come back to each other. 

A college friend of mine recently wrote a beautiful blog about her mom—about their ups and downs, their loyalty, their longevity—actually their Lorelai and Rory-ness. 

In every parenting seminar we teach, we talk about how kids push away from parents.  It’s a part of growing up.  It’s a part of what they have to do in order to grow up.  It’s called individuating.  Mom’s, they often push off of you the hardest.  But they do come back.  Continue Reading...

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Happy Mother's Day!

You Give and Give and Give.  We are so grateful.  As are your children.  No matter how old they are.  No matter how much they tell you.  You’re their safest place.  You teach them hope.  You share joy and life and love in a way that no one else can.  You give them yourself.  They are grateful, whether they tell you by breakfasts in bed or by asking you to bring them a glass of water when they’re going to bed (which means they think they’re too old to be tucked in but still want to).  They are grateful.  They’ll tell you one day.  And we will now.  Thank you.  READ MORE

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