Technology Tuesday: Paper Towns, Teenage Angst, and Questions to Navigate Them Both (Spoiler Alert!)

“It’s the ultimate going out on the dock.”  When our summer staff went to see the movie Paper Towns after our last camp, two of them whispered these words to me.  

“Going out on the dock” is a phrase I use regularly with the girls at Daystar.  It originated from a friend who told me a story about her own growing up.  In high school, she went on several lake retreats with her youth group.  At night, they’d be meeting in the house or just sitting around talking.  Any time she felt a little lost or lonely, she’d wander out onto the dock.  Secretly, she was hoping someone would notice and follow her out, to see if she was okay.

That action…and feeling has become our buzzword for someone who pulls away trying to draw others in…to put it a little more bluntly, to get attention. 

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