Technology Tuesday: Pornography & Masturbation

Take a look at these resources, and how we can make technology work for the adolescents and young adults we care about.

1.  Brain Buddy App

    Enough silent suffering.

    It's time to get back to rebuild your life.

    The result of over 3000 hours of patient study, Brain Buddy rewires your brain to how it was before you got hooked on porn...

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    Technology Tuesday: Rewiring the Boy Brain

    For as long as video games have been around, I’ve been asked questions about boys and gaming.  The rise of the internet brought advanced questions about boys and pornography.   These remain two areas of concern when it comes to protecting the minds and hearts of the boys we love.  

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    Technology Tuesday: Kids and Pornography

    Any parent who has read any of our content on development or heard us speak know that we believe in the importance of talking with kids early and often about their bodies and sexuality.  Read further for another quick reminder of this and a great script we can offer our kids.

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