Family Experiment - Service & Surprise

Today’s family experiment involves Service and Surprise.  I borrowed this idea from my delightful, creative neices and nephew.  They make trips to Target more enjoyable by asking the clerk who is scanning their merchandise what their favorite candy is.  Once they finish checking out, they circle back in line with that item, purchase and hand it over to the clerk with the simple words of “thanks for what you do and someone was thinking about you today.”  

They’ve also been known to...

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Rally Idol

In our Intentional Parenting seminar, David talks about the importance of being a balanced parent.  In it, he talks about being balanced in several areas including emotion, support and time.  It’s actually a very challenging portion of our talk:  (moms, how much time are you spending supporting your sons academically and your daughters emotionally?  How much emotion do you have in response to their academics and emotions?) 

In his chapter on the same topic in our Intentional Parenting book, he challenges families to write a mission statement and reflect on how the time they spend together as a family reflects that mission statement.

What does your time together as a family look like?  How much time is spent in the car on the way to and from practices and lessons?  How much time is spent talking to each other?  How much time is spent giving to the things you feel passionate about? READ MORE

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Kids & Gratitude

Teaching gratitude to our kids is a vital skill in helping children develop emotionally and socially.   Nurturing gratitude will not only benefit your child now, but down the road.  According to a study at the University of California at Davis, grateful people report higher levels of happiness and optimism, and lower levels of stress and depression.  

After studying thousands of individuals, researchers have identified the benefits of gratitude on our hearts, minds and bodies. 


  • Stronger immune systems
  • Less bothered by aches and pains
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Exercise more and take better care of their health
  • Sleep longer and feel more rested upon waking

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