Technology Tuesday: mSpy

If you’re worried about the photos your child is “anonymously” sending or receiving, app developers are doing their best to keep up. 

A new software called mSpy is one you download on your child’s phone, and then sends you photos, texts, emails, and even keeps track of where they are.  It might be a great answer to our previous Technology Tuesday on SnapChat and Swipe, as well. Continue Reading


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Technology Tuesday- APP ALERT: Swipe

Here we go again…Swipe!

;)  That’s the logo for the new app my high school girls are talking about.  A wink.  You can already assume something is afoot by their logo alone. 

What is swipe?

It’s another app used to send photos and videos that is “ephemeral” like snapchat, where you only see photos once.  The problem is…well, those of us over the age of 22—or whenever we reach full thinking adulthood in a technological age, know what the problem is.  There are screen shots.  No picture is ever temporary when someone can use their phone to take a photo of that photo and keep it as long as their teenage hearts desire…and send it to whoever else might desire it, too. 

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