Talking with Teenagers: Sports

I recently saw a movie called “The Miracle Season.”  If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend watching it with the teenagers in your life. It can create some great conversation around not only the plot, but many of the conversations and lines contained therein.  In fact, many sports movies can.  They tug at our heart strings from an underdog kind of place, but also from a place of remembering the messages we heard…

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Talking with Teenagers: Substance Abuse

Just heard for the I’m not sure how many’th time in my 25 years counseling kids, “I don’t know why my parents got mad at me.  It wasn’t my weed.”  You can substitute alcohol, or Juuls, or any other substance that’s trending these days.  And, honestly, in all of those years, that statement has almost never been true.  If you find a substance in your child’s room, or in their car, chances are it really is theirs.  Or, at least 99% of the time it belongs to your child, not the friend they’re trying to “keep out of trouble.”  They are not keeping it for someone else and wouldn’t risk,,,

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Your Life Matters

For today’s blog, we wanted to share a letter that was emailed from Daystar this week following a tragic event this week in the Nashville community.  Our hope is that it can give you some hope, some direction, and some truth to share with your children:

Just this week a fifteen year-old girl told me she was thinking about ending her life.  She wasn’t only thinking about it.  She knew how... 

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Insurgent: Spoiler Alert!

Just yesterday, I was talking to a mom and her middle school daughter.  They had been away for the weekend to go through the Passport to Purity content together.  On Saturday evening, they went to see the movie Insurgent.

“Here we were talking about purity, and Tris and Four have sex.  And all I could say to my daughter was, “Well, that wasn’t in the book.  Close your eyes, honey.  We’ll have to talk about this later, too.”


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Talking to Teens about Fifty Shades of Grey

By now, we’ve heard a lot of voices ring in about this movie.  Unfortunately, I’ve heard of a few high school girls whose voices are ringing in, as well.  “If there’s one movie I’m planning on sneaking into right now, it’s Fifty Shades of Grey.”

You may remember yourself what that felt like.  Buying a ticket for a non-suspicious movie while acting very suspiciously.  Sitting for just a few minutes, until the movie theater attendant made his exit, and then darting into the movie with the “R” on the marquis.  I have to admit.  I think I snuck into a few movies from time to time—the first one I remember seems to have been about breakdancing with a few curse words thrown in to make it’s rating a little racier.

We’re playing on an entirely different field now.  Breakdancing doesn’t hold a candle to the content of the movie that is being talked and written about constantly these past few weeks. Continue Reading

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