What Do Santa Claus and Victoria’s Secret Models Have in Common?

Not long ago, we released a book titled Intentional Parenting.  It’s full of stories of some of the wise, responsive, intentional parents we’ve had the opportunity to sit with over the years. 

In the book, we introduce a concept called learning through observation - how we can pay attention to the words and actions of people around us.  For example, if we see coverage in a publication or the daily news that highlights an individual acting courageously (or foolishly).  What can we take away from their experience?   Sometimes it’s a friend or classmate of one of our kids who makes a daring or destructive decision.  How can we learn from that? 

Recently, I heard a story about an intentional mom in our community.  She took her young children to the mall to meet Santa Claus and have their photo taken with him.  She established her place in line amidst the masses and then heard her son say “Mommy, why is that woman wearing her bathing suit in the winter?”  continue reading

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