Technology Tuesday: Video Games: Part 2 - The most popular video game of all time...

The most popular video game of all time...that your child may be playing.

Last week we took a look at some content to consider regarding kids and video games.  This week we’ll look at an article summarizing one of the most frightening games your kids or teens could have exposure to.

This game generated a record-breaking $800 million in first day sales...  READ MORE

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Technology Tuesday: Parenting In The Virtual Age

“When can I get a smart phone?”

“That is such an invasion of my privacy!

“If I stop the game now, I’ll never get to the next level.”

“I am the only person in my grade without a Facebook page!” 

“Other people text way more of the time than I do.” 

As a counselor, I (David) have heard a parent report one of the above statements over a thousand times.  Parenting a child or teenager in this day and age requires an advanced degree in navigating, negotiating and understanding media and technology.  As much as media and technology can be an invaluable resource to your child’s growing mind, it can also be a debilitating force.  Obtaining this advanced degree involves surveying the options, identifying the pros and cons, and setting age-appropriate media and technology boundaries... READ MORE

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