Technology Tuesday: can help!

So, you hear all of the time “You need to stay on top of technology with your children.  Be a step ahead of them.”  We say these things in our parenting seminars regularly.  And believe them wholeheartedly.  But, where do you go?  How are you supposed to stay a step ahead of them when every second of their free time is spent getting ten steps ahead of you!  Plus, there are zillions of monitoring softwares and services out there now…which one do you choose? 

Every once in a technology Tuesday, we’ll share with you one we’ve found that we believe is especially helpful.

We discovered when they asked us to make several short videos to help parents with issues kids are struggling with today.  Basically, they monitor your child’s social networking sites…currently, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  There are guidelines and they alert you when various words or phrases come up. READ MORE

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