Technology Tuesday: App Alert - Sarahah

Here we go again…a new social media app that is taking the teenage technology world by storm.  And, according to the kids (and parents) who have been talking about it in my office, it’s a pretty sad and hurtful storm.

It’s called Sarahah, which means “honesty” in Arabic.  It was released in June of 2017, and it purports to help you “discover your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner...

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Technology Tuesday: App Update

I was teaching a class on Taming the Technology Monster last month, when the subject of came up.  If you haven’t come across it before, see our recent blog about the app that has taken the elementary and middle schools by storm!  

We do have an update that a kind woman at my seminar told me about that she referred to as “quite dangerous.”  The app that enables you to create your own music video and share it now has a streaming component...

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Technology Tuesday: bitmoji

Want to surprise your teenager?  Use your own bitmoji!

We’re always advocates of staying ahead of the game with your kids in terms of technology.  It’s no easy task.  That’s why we have Technology Tuesday’s…to keep you in the know so you can keep your kids safe.  And, from time to time, we want to keep you in the know so you can have a little fun with your kids...

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Technology Tuesday: Snapchat

We are often asked about Snapchat during Question and Answer time at the end of a parenting class. 

We are strong supporters of doing your research.  Here’s some research that could prove helpful in navigating your decision about Snapchat.   Check out this article where one of the founders of Snapchat shares the history of how the App came into being.  

It’s hard to support an app that was birthed out of a fraternity house, around a conversation of how Anthoy Weiner could have gotten off the hook in sending inappropriate photos. FULL POST

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