Technology Tuesday: Technology Sabbath

Since summer is here, we’d love to pitch an idea your way.

In our book, Intentional Parenting, we talk about taking a Technology Sabbath.  This can be a Saturday morning, a weekend, or a Technology free Vacation.  You choose the time frame, but have every family member (grown ups included) agree to be gadget and screen free for the agreed-upon time frame. 

Here are few tips for designing your Technology Sabbath:

  1. Define the Rules.  Establish an agreed upon and clearly defined time frame.  Allow all family members to give input in defining the parameters and how to best communicate that your family will be “off line” and “off limits” for a defined time frame.  Where will laptops, phones, tablets and devices be stored during the sabbath? 
  2. Be creative.  Brainstorm around how you want to spend this tech free time.  What do you want the purpose of the Sabbath to be?  How do you hope to spend the time you’d normally spend in front of a screen?  
  3. Explore the Outcome.  Set aside some time during or after the experiment to talk about the sabbath.  What was difficult?  What was surprising?  What did you learn about yourself through the experiment?  How would you want to approach the experiment differently in a next try?  

Let us know how the experiment went and what you found that worked particularly well in trying a Technology Sabbath.