Technology Tuesday: 5 Ideas for Cell Phone Carrying Kids

Using technology in our schools, and kids bringing technology on to campus, translates to the need for schools to develop a Responsible Use Policy (RUP) - basically, what’s ok, what’s not ok when it comes to technology and being a student.   I wish every household had an RUP like schools do - a short, basic contract outlining how technology is used responsibly and the consequences for using it irresponsibly.  

We talk often in our parenting classes about the importance of contracts with kids that outline the terms clearly and keep us from having to talk, lecture, nag and remind when it comes to technology.  Check out our previous blog with some sample contracts you can customize to fit your family’s needs.  

Here are 5 jumping off points for parents who have children old enough to have a cell phone from Common Sense Media...

5 Back-to-School Rules for Cell Phone Rules for Kids