Technology Tuesday: APP ALERT: Pou

A Friendly Reminder to Check Your Child’s Games (and Apps) Regularly

A friend of ours recently posted this on Facebook:

"Pornography on the game/app - Pou - My 9 yo son brought it to my attention, which makes me sad and happy all at the same time. The app is Pou. It is an game with an E for Everyone rating. I have parental controls on their tablets. It is a little alien pet that you feed and bath and play with. There are games you can play that earn points to buy food and accessories, etc. It is a truly (mindless) harmless game. However, there are scoreboards for the games and 2 repulsive individuals have chosen to use pornography for their avatars (profile pics). One is of a naked woman from the waist up. The other is for lack of a better term a crotch shot. I have flagged the app as inappropriate on Google Play. I have commented on their FB page that developing an E rated game that lacks any controls is professionally irresponsible. There should be safeguards in place. I will also be commenting on their Twitter page and emailing the developer. This is how it happens. 9 yo's exposure to pornography. Please check your kids games." 

As we all know, new games and apps are popping up daily on the internet and, now that school is back in session, at school table conversations.  A few reminders:

  • Do not allow your child to download any app or game without your permission.  Their itunes or google play account should be linked to yours, so that you have access at all times.
  • Have them plug in their ipad/phone/ipod in to a docking station in your room every night.  Check it frequently for apps or games you might have missed.  Play the games or search the apps carefully.  People, just like this woman discovered, know how to bury themselves deep into games and expose children to hurtful things without us ever knowing.
  • Maintain an open dialog in your home.  This mom’s son brought it to her attention, which means she had created an environment in which he felt safe to talk.  Make sure your child knows that you always want them to come to you if they’ve seen anything that makes them uncomfortable. 

For more information on filters and programs to keep your computer safe, follow us on Technology Tuesday’s and read our chapter on technology in Modern Parents, Vintage Values!  Your child needs you to know…