Technology Tuesday: Are Teens Who Spend Less Time In Front of Screens Happier?


We’ve long suspected there to be a correlation between screen use and happiness.  We now have our hands on even more data to confirm an adolescent’s psychological well-being decreases the more hours they spend on screens.   The newest findings align with previous studies linking frequent screen use to teenage anxiety and depression.  

We’d strongly recommend you spend a few minutes reading about the findings from this recent study.  Take a close look at five “non-screen”activities that increased happiness in teens.  

We are often asked about the “magic number” of hours per week for teens to engage in screens.  This study revealed that adolescents who get a small amount of exposure to screen time, between one and five hours a week, are happier than those who don’t get any screen time.  But read further to find out how many hours per week the least happy teens use.