Technology Tuesday: Attractiveness Apps


“It’s this app that basically tells you how pretty you are.” Ugh. Here we go again. The Technology Monster is rearing its ugly, critical head. Several of the high school girls in my group recently started talking about an app that rates their attractiveness. They’re honestly all over app stores. They’re called everything from Beauty Score to Ugly Meter, and, of course, they’ve caught on with adolescent girls. They basically use an algorithm that bases on attractiveness on a mathematical equation called the “golden ratio” that defines perfect proportions. It scans a user’s face or photo, and then rates that person based on the proportion and placement of their features. It’s not real beauty. But, what authority do the children and teenagers we love typically trust? Google. The internet. Whatever their favorite app is at the time. And these children and teenagers are just forming their identities and their confidence. Beauty is NOT in the eye of an app. Beauty is not about symmetry or proportion. Beauty is about the heart…and strength and compassion and empathy and hopefulness. So many things that she can’t find in an app. And so many things that she needs you to remind her of. Choose three things about the girls in your life today that are beautiful. You can remind her of how she looks, but go much deeper, too, to who she is. That’s the kind of beauty that is lasting and can never be touched by technology.