Technology Tuesday: Carpool Lines and Podcasts

podcast final-01.JPG

Just this week I had a mom report she was about to begin her “Back to School Course” - she reported the course involved listening to our podcast every morning on the drive home from drop off. She’s planning to listen to “a milestone every morning.”  She went on to say that she needed the refresher just as much as her kids need refreshers. I loved this report and couldn’t agree more that we all need refreshers from time to time.

Are My Kids on Track highlights the 12 emotional, social and spiritual milestones we believe all kids need to reach…and are doing to a lesser degree than ever before. Back to school seems like a great time for a refresher…for us and the kids we love. We’ll be posting some of those reminders in the next few weeks at Raising Boys and Girls on Instagram—and you can always go to wherever you listen to podcasts and download Season One of our Raising Boys and Girls podcast!