Technology Tuesday: Chores

We all know kids benefit from doing chores.   We’ve read the research on how it teaches stewardship, responsibility, and independence.   

We also know how assigning and supervising chores can create conflict, and how it’s often easier to just do it ourselves. 

We’ve all likely purchased or created a chore chart, only to find we can’t keep up with the maintenance and oversight needed.   In Intentional Parenting, we speak to importance of being a consistent parent - how structure creates security for kids.  

Despite knowing these things, implementing a plan and following through can feel overwhelming and time-consuming when we’re already spread thin.   

What if that process could be easier? What if someone else had already developed the system?  What if our kids could use their beloved technology to track chore progress? What if they actually had fun in the process? 

Take a look at these seven apps that could revolutionize chores in your home.