Technology Tuesday: GroupMe

“You need to make sure parents know that there are GroupMe’s just for nudes.”  Once again, I feel like I need a dictionary when I’m talking to teenagers about technology.

This high school girl was helping me prepare for a technology talk last week.  When she said these words, I had no idea what she meant. 

“What do you mean ‘nudes’?” 

I knew enough to know that GroupMe is an app that sets up group texts so that people who have iphones and other smart phones can group text each other.  But I didn’t have any idea what the rest of the sentence meant.

Sadly, I do now.  She was saying that kids have GroupMe messages that purely exist to send nude photos.  They’re sending pictures back and forth to each other on this app.  She went on to say, “Parents need to check their kids GroupMe’s.”

So, there it is.  How sad that we live in a world where “nudes” is a slang word that teenagers know and use?  But, to echo my friend’s wise advice, check your teenager’s GroupMe’s….not just their texts through the regular apps.  We continue to need to be vigilant and aware of the technology our teens are using.  And to teach them to be good stewards of their gadgets and their communication, in the real and virtual world.

Stay with us for Technology Tuesday’s and more ways to be aware of how to protect our teenagers in this fast-paced technological world.