Technology Tuesday: Happy (and Safe) Apps for Kids

After a recent Technology Tuesday called, “Is Your Teen Sexting?”, we heard from our favorite parent who we regularly make panic.  One of us also happens to counsel her daughter.  She said, “Oh, no.  Another Technology Tuesday.  I can’t even look.  I’ll just ask you.  Is my teen sexting?”

We know…these Technology Tuesdays can cause even the strongest-hearted parent (like our friend) to become a little weak in the knees.  So, we want to keep Technology Tuesdays a happy place, too. 

These are some great apps for kids from Today’s Parent.  They keep the list growing so check back regularly.  Unfortunately, they’re primarily for children more than teens.  But we’ll try to keep that list coming, too.  I’ve got lots of girls I see right now hooked on “Frozen Freefall,” which appears to be pretty harmless.  No liking or swiping or anything.  Just a little shaming from Elsa when you don’t beat the level. 

So, enjoy…take a breather this Technology Tuesday, and stay with us for more ups and downs to come!