Technology Tuesday: JellyTelly

It seems like weekly I talk to parents of young children who are worried about the attitude they’re seeing in their kids…and it often seems correlated to the amount of time they spend in front of certain TV shows.  If you’re in their boat, we’ve just discovered something for you!  A friend of ours recently introduced us to JellyTelly, which was originally created by Phil Vischer, who you may know as the creator of Veggie Tales (and also the infamous voice of Bob the Tomato.)

JellyTelly is a streaming video app offering movies, videos and devotionals that are not only attitude-free, but character-building for kids.  Their blog provides parents with a host of resources to help, and even their Instagram offers prayers and photos to remind and inspire you…and a few to make you laugh, too!

We’re always looking for technology that has a positive impact not just on the lives of kids, but on families as a whole. seeks to do just that!  It’s sure one we’d recommend you check out, and follow along with us on Technology Tuesday’s for hope and help on raising kids in this tech-savvy world! 

For more information on JellyTelly, you can download it from the App Store, Google Play, Roku Channel Store and supported Kindle devices), or click here