Technology Tuesday: Moment - A Technology Free (or at least less) Lent for Your Family


Happy Technology Tuesday/almost Ash Wednesday!  

We are big fans of Lent around Raising Boys and Girls…if you can be big fans of Lent.  At least, we’re fans of paring back, taking time to reflect and remember, and wait with a little more hunger and expectation for Easter.  This year, we’ve got a Lenten challenge for your family! 

We’ve recently heard about an app called Moment.  A 6th grader told us that her school had recommended that the students download it.  It’s honestly one that we wish could find its way into the hands—or gadgets—of every smart phone user of every age.  

Moment tracks your phone and tablet usage.  It not only, in facts, tracks the time you use it…but it tracks how often you pick it up and put it back down.  It tracks which apps you use most frequently.  And, it has a coaching component.  It buzzes and notifies you when you’ve been on your phone for an extended period of time.  It gives challenges, like “Put down your phone for 30 minutes.”  “Stop sleeping with your phone.”  And, even, “Go old school.”  And, there’s a moment family, which helps you can track your family member’s phone use and even set family dinner time for each and every family member.

We love Moment.  We’re gonna be using it this Lenten season—and encouraging the kids in our lives to use it, too.  Would love for you to join us for the challenge.  And let us know how it’s going for you…we might just have a giveaway or two mixed in along the way!