Technology Tuesday: App Update

I was teaching a class on Taming the Technology Monster last month, when the subject of came up.  If you haven’t come across it before, see our recent blog about the app that has taken the elementary and middle schools by storm!  

We do have an update that a kind woman at my seminar told me about that she referred to as “quite dangerous.”  The app that enables you to create your own music video and share it now has a streaming component.  Basically, you can no longer tell what your kids are watching or posting, as they can stream their videos.  Also, within the app, there is an option that allows you to create a “duet” with another user.  The illustration she gave was of a girl in her bra singing a duet with a boy in his bedroom.  Not exactly how we want kids to be expressing their musical talents.

So, if your child is on, this new update is an important one to know about.  Talk to them.  Depending on your child, the streaming and duet options might be one you decide to now allow them to use.  Again, depending on your child.  For some kids, they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves and so this may take out of the running for “favorite new apps.”  Regardless, as we always say, talk to them.  They need to understand your concerns and continue to see you as the gatekeeper of all things technological in your home.  They won’t safeguard themselves.  They need you…to protect their hearts and minds, with much more than technology.  You’re doing great!  Thanks for staying with us for Technology Tuesday’s and we’ll keep more information coming to you as we learn it from these creative, technological kiddos (and parents)!