Technology Tuesday: Our Podcast has Landed!

Final Podcast AMKOT copy.jpeg

If you’re following us on social media, you know we’ve been dropping hints (because we couldn’t keep it a secret!) that we’ve been working on a podcast with our friend, Sarah Bragg based on our newest book, Are My Kids on Track:  The 12 Milestones Your Child Need to Reach.  Sarah has been offering encouragement and hope to folks at her podcast, Surviving Sarah, for years now.  It’s a series of thoughtful conversations that make you laugh and think, designed to help you keep your head above water while living with purpose.  

We love what Sarah has been offering (and we like her a lot!).  We were honored when she invited us to turn each of the Are My Kids on Track milestones into a conversation.  We not only spent an episode talking about each milestone, the stumbling blocks and building blocks to helping kids get there, but practical things we could be doing in the everyday of our lives to keep them progressing toward those all important milestones.  

We then went a step further.  We wanted to keep the conversation going, so we came up with questions to ask after each episode if you want to go even deeper into the milestone.  You can journal over these questions yourself, have some back and forth with your spouse on a walk around the neighborhood, or use the questions in a small group or book club discussion.  

We talk throughout the book about how practice makes progress.  These questions help you keep practicing, with yourself and with your kids.   

We hope the conversations with Sarah, and the conversations you’ll share after considering the questions will inspire, challenge and stir you.  Enjoy.