Technology Tuesday: Raising Boys and Girls Podcast

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ANNOUNCING SEASON 2 OF OUR PODCAST ON MONDAY, APRIL 22ND! Check back on our site or wherever you download podcasts to get our latest season of what used to be called Are My Kids on Track but is now Raising Boys and Girls. You can also head over to our website for downloadable discussion questions and a discussion guide.

One of our very favorite things in the past year is being out on the road at your churches and schools and hearing that you’ve downloaded the Are My Kids on Track podcast…and that you’re being able to use ideas like the Space or the Yellow Light list in your home and with your kiddos. So, we wanted you to have more! Season One, hosted by podcast host extraordinaire Sarah Bragg, is based on the Are My Kids on Track book, where we take the 12 emotional, social, and spiritual milestones we believe every child needs to reach and is reaching to a lesser degree than ever before.  

In Season Two, we dig a little deeper into the whole Raising Boys and Girls content, based off of Wild Things and Raising Girls. In it, we discuss the Ages and Stages of boys and girls—who they are and what they need from the grown-ups who love them at every stage. 

Our hope is that these podcasts will create both conversation and community—two things we’re all about at Raising Boys and Girls.  Download and listen to them with your spouse, a group of friends, or even to dig a little deeper into who you want to be as a parent. Both seasons have free Discussion Questions below that you can use with your people, either in pairs or in a small group.

We also have put together an added bonus for Season Two! We’ve got a Discussion Guide for every stage! The first section is a free sample on you as a parent. And then there are five more that you can download here. In each, we’ve got a summary, more discussion questions, a Try in Out section for boys and girls with practical ideas you can implement at home, 6 devotionals to mirror that particular stage AND movies and books we would recommend to watch and read with your kids.

Happy listening, and reading, and, more than anything else, happy connecting…with your spouse, with your friends, but mostly with the kids God has purposefully chosen for you.