Technology Tuesday- APP ALERT: Swipe

Here we go again…Swipe!

;)  That’s the logo for the new app my high school girls are talking about.  A wink.  You can already assume something is afoot by their logo alone. 

What is swipe?

It’s another app used to send photos and videos that is “ephemeral” like snapchat, where you only see photos once.  The problem is…well, those of us over the age of 22—or whenever we reach full thinking adulthood in a technological age, know what the problem is.  There are screen shots.  No picture is ever temporary when someone can use their phone to take a photo of that photo and keep it as long as their teenage hearts desire…and send it to whoever else might desire it, too. 

The other problem is that, unlike snapchat and other methods of sending videos and texts to “friends,” swipe is anonymous.

Basically, you upload a picture and send it to another user.  They can “swipe” to like it, or “swipe” to make it disappear.  Or, they can “swipe” up to respond.  But, again, it’s anonymous…ish.

One high school girl’s comment was, “This is a really bad one.  I just saw a swipe of a girl who took a picture of her body—without her face.  She sent it to several people thinking no one would know it was her.  But I knew what her room looked like in the background…as do a lot of our other friends.

It’s yet another app that feels catered to the “I’ll never get caught” mentality—naivete—we should say, of teens and pre-teens.  Swipe is definitely one to watch your child’s apps for, be educated on, and, at the least, have very strong and specific conversations around with your older children.  It’s a lot of power and not-so-anonymous posting to put in the hands of those whose brains aren’t yet fully developed.