Technology Tuesday: To Siri With Love


Last month, we were teaching our class called Taming the Technology Monster.  As always, by the time I finished talking, the parents in the room looked stricken.  It’s probably the most alarming issue for parents of all ages in this technology-saturated world.  One woman raised her hand and said, “I’m a mom of littles and you’ve sufficiently terrified me.  Can you tell me one thing that technology has done for good in the lives of our kids?”

There are a lot of things.  We are big fans of Common Sense Media and the Empathy and Social Skills building apps you can find there for kids.  Also, apps like ChoreMonster that can help us teach kids responsibility.  We also have families that use Technology to connect, such as a dad who builds apps with his daughters.  (Okay, we know that’s not so do-able for all of us, but it is an idea!)

We recently came across this clip from the Today Show.  As counselors, we see more and more kids who are on the Autism Spectrum than ever before.  And we love that Siri is helping make a difference in this boy’s life!