Technology Tuesday: Vaping, Juuling and Why Many Schools Have Banned Flash Drives


Vaping and Juuling are some of the more trendy practices in adolescent culture today.  The acceleration of vaping was highlighted in a 2016 report from the US surgeon general, citing a 900% increase in e-cigarette use by high school students from 2011-2015.  Another survey revealed that 1.7 million high school students reported having used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days.  

A teenaged boy recently reported to me “my dad knows teenagers are going to drink and smoke, he just wants me to do it responsibly.”  I was grieved to hear this boy’s father had set the bar so low for him. 

I’m deeply troubled every time I hear an adolescent report attending a party where parents took up car keys, but allowed substances to be present.  First of all, it’s illegal.  Secondly, we have too much data on hand to confirm how vulnerable the adolescent brain is to addiction.  And there are a host of other reasons the teenagers we love deserve more support, strength and belief in who they can be. 

As you are having important conversations and setting healthy guidelines with the adolescents in your life, we’d encourage you to read some of the latest data on Juuling, Vaping and E-Cigarette use.