Technology Tuesday: Yellow

Technology Tuesday’s are our commitment to let you know the latest trends affecting the kids we love as soon as we hear—particularly, those apps we believe you should be concerned about.  The latest of those is “Yellow.”  It’s referred to as “Tinder for teenagers,” which is currently one of the most popular dating apps, designed for adults (but, of course, now being used by teenagers, too).  

On the App Store, Yellow boasts “more than 7 million users are making new friends everyday on Yellow!  Join the community right now.  Yellow is an easy and free way to make new friends and chat with them.”  Yellow offers the ability to help Snapchat users find new friends.  Connecting users by area, it gives the user the opportunity to swipe left or right to talk to people around them, based primarily on looks.  Yellow is also being used for sex trafficking.  Adults pose as children and chat back and forth to set up meetings with children outside of their parents’ homes.  For more information on Yellow, click here.

At Raising Boys and Girls, we always recommend talking to your kids about their online safety.  We also recommend making sure that you’re aware of what apps your child is downloading, so you can approve and discuss your concerns about those apps.  We also recommend that you have veto power, as a parent.  You definitely want filters and monitoring systems on all the gadgets and computers your child uses.  One of our favorites is TeenSafe.  You can also check out curbi  and Bark.

Whatever you install on your child’s computer, install something.  You would never allow your child to wander into an adult bookstore.  To allow them online with unsupervised access to websites and apps is today’s equivalent.  Monitor your child’s internet activity.  Talk to them.  And stick with us for the latest trends.  We’re committed to helping you guide and protect the kids you love.