Technology Tuesday: Uncovering the Texting Mystery on an iPhone

I don’t know about you, but often the only way I discover new tricks on my phone is by watching or learning from teenagers.  But I recently learned one that has brought me great relief…and I thought it might help you, too!

Do you need to know what time your son really sent the text that he was on his way home?  What time did your daughter ask if she could spend the night at her friend’s house?  Have you noticed with the newest iphone software update, you can no longer see the time stamps?  WELL YOU CAN!!!  I just happened to discover how and thought this information could be profoundly helpful to you, as a parent.

When you are looking at your text message screen, place your finger or thumb on a recent text.  Pull that text to the left and the time stamps for all of your texts and responses texts shows up.  The mystery as to what time exactly did they send that is solved.

(And I have to say that, so often, in writing these Technology Tuesdays, I wonder how often we’re making our teenage friends feel.  I picture them at home saying, “Oh, Sissy, not another one,” or “David, why did you tell them that?”  Guys, just want to say that we think you all are awesome.  We believe in you and want you to grow up learning to be responsible with your choices and technology.  We believe in your character and want to help your parents help you learn to be more honest.  And we want you to have more freedom as you increasingly learn to live out of that honesty.  Trust us.  We’re for you and for you getting to grow up with a mixture of freedom, integrity and technology!)