What Technology Meant for Bad…


I love to hear stories of kids who are using technology for good…to grow their gifts and impact the world in ways God has uniquely gifted them.  I have one high school friend who is doing just that.  Her Instagram account is @thenashvillekid.  Her tagline is “Just a kid showing off Nashville’s best.”  She’s a photographer, an artist, and talented in so many ways that you can see as you scroll through her photos on her Instagram and her website.   

I know other kids who use Instagram as a place to study other Pinterest-type artists…to read devotionals, such as She Reads Truth.  As much as we worry about what they’re being exposed to, there is also much good out there.  Let’s help the kids we love find their ways to these kinds of websites, and these kinds of role models.  We want the kids we love to discover what they’re passionate about, to pursue the things they love, and find their unique voices.  

Melissa often quotes our friend, Dan Allender, who told his son, “You are the only you this world will ever know, and something about you is meant to make something about God known in a way that no one else can.”  The Nashville Kid is bringing beauty and creativity and even Nashville to life in a way that no one else can.  We want to help our kids discover how they can do the same…whether it’s on the ball field, with music or paint or missions or, yes, even social media.  If you have a child who is social media age, show them The Nashville Kid’s account.  Whether they pursue it or not, it could be a fun conversation to have with them to discover what they would put on their own account, if they were to show the world the things they love most.  You will likely learn a lot about them, and maybe even a little about yourself in the process.