Wardrobe Wednesday: What to wear when everything You Wear gets ruined...

That top is GORGEOUS…but my sweet little girl would ruin it in less than a minute.”
”I SO wish I could wear that skirt…but it would not be so cute as i bend down to pick up my screaming toddler at Target (while everyone is already looking anyway).”
”Those wedges are killer…but I would also kill myself trying to wear them at the baseball field.
Photo by Sergiy Zavgorodny/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Sergiy Zavgorodny/iStock / Getty Images

These little people that come into our lives couldn’t be any cuter, but they also can wreck quite a bit of havoc on some of the finer things in life (ie. silk, marble, a long strand of pearls, etc). 

So how do we continue to look like ourselves without wasting lots of $$$? 

The goal: being dressed (not in workout clothes or pjs) for the carpool line or school performance…but, we promise, no pencil skirts or heels required! 

1. Buy a couple of the finer things (that you absolutely cannot live without).

Wear them on date nights and when you travel (not on family vacay)! 

* If you really absolutely cannot wear silk blouses around your kids, then buy 2 or 3 that you LOVE every season…wear the heck out of them! And get new ones the next year! You can typically get about a year out of each, because you can wear them with white jeans for spring and dark for fall! So, that’s giving you a good amount of options (without over complicating things). Wear them a lot, and then give them to a younger mom who might need the same thing ;) 

*Buy a couple of dresses each year - you will wear them if you have them! And don’t buy them when you need them, buy them as you find ones you love..because, we promise, when you need one, you will buy one out of necessity as opposed to out of love!! And then you’ll never wear it again! 

* Get a pair of shoes that you feel AMAZING in! That you would never wear around your kids or at the baseball field…but that are perfect for a girls night out or a date night with your husband!! 

2. Buy Rayon or rayon blends!! 

Rayon has come a LONG way since the Rayon of the 80’s! There are GORGEOUS rayon fabrics that look, almost, just like silk…and are WASHABLE!! 

This Zoa blouse is washable!! Can you believe it?!? Our Zoa blouses probably sell out quicker than anything else at K. McCarthy because they’re SUPER practical for moms, but our mom’s also look and feel great in them! 

Bella Dahl is one of the best selling brands in the country - and we know why! It is exactly what mom’s want to wear every day!! It’s the perfect mix of comfort and looking like you “got dressed”! It’s the perfect mom uniform - a pair of jeans and a Bella Dahl top. We promise, It’s JUST as easy as putting on your work out outfit AND you look dressed for the day and don’t have to explain why you didn’t make it to the gym ;) 

OR these Bella Dahl joggers and a t-shirt - SERIOUSLY as comfortable as your Lulu…but you’re “dressed"! 

3. INVEST in a couple good pairs of jeans! 

Even though it feels expensive, your cost per wear of jeans is SIGNIFICANTLY less than anything else you own (maybe equal to your purse)! Your jeans will carry you to the soccer field (jeans with your Bella Dahl tank), lunch with girlfriends (jeans with your rayon Zoa blouse), a fabulous dinner with your husband (jeans with that gorgeous silk blouse you invested in). SERIOUSLY, find a pair of jeans you love and don’t feel bad for one second about spending money on them! And if your husband complains…you can copy this link and email it to him ;)

* See our jean guide here to get a good idea of what might be best for your body!

4. Find cute shoes you can wear every day! 

There are SO many shoes out there that are cute AND practical!! 

5. Don’t forget to accessorize! 

Wow, you look so put together

I promise - you will get compliments from your friends if you just throw on one accessory! 

No need to make it perfect or get to fussy! Just keep it simple - necklace (single or layered), bracelets and/or earrings. 

If you’re doing a bigger necklace or layering, keep the earrings simple! And if you’re doing bigger earrings, vice versa….keep the necklace simple! And bracelets can come and go! There always fun to stack on! And don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and colors! 

And scarves are always fun to throw on with a cute little bella dahl top or shirt!! And don’t get too worried about how your putting it on! Just go from one side and wrap it around your neck! 

My last piece of advice is don’t be afraid to ruin something!! At the end of the day, they are really just clothes! And it would be a shame if you avoided wearing those white jeans because a little crayon might get on them! Just throw them in the wash with bleach and start all over again tomorrow!

OR if your shirt gets a stain on it that’s irreparable, donate it to your daughters dress up pile! Or let her cut it up and see what she creates! You might just have a fashion designer on your hands!!