Who You Can Be as a Parent - More than Awesome

Everything is Awesome…

Have you seen the new for Xfinity?  “Everything is awesome,” it starts out…meaning “everything is cool when you’re watching a screen.”  It even mentions “more selfies.”  Yep.  You can watch it here.

They’ve tapped in once more to the pressure our kids (and we) feel in this tech saturated world.  Everything is awesome that is available on a screen.  In fact, we’ve got to be awesome when we’re showing up on screens ourselves.  Instagram now has their own brand of stories, giving us and our kids even more outlets (and pressure) to show our “awesomeness.”

As adults, we would say everything is NOT so awesome when you’re watching a screen.  We know the perils from social media to pornography, and we’ll be talking about them all more during this upcoming school year.  

Our hope, as always, is to keep you equipped more than to keep you (or make you feel pressure to be) awesome.  It’s to help you have conversations with your kids…to find balance as a parent.  To help you be a parent who is maybe less awesome—but more parental…more brave…more loving and failing and falling down and getting back up…more you in the midst of God’s grace being the parent God has called you to be with your child.  You are loved enough that you don’t have to be awesome—or chase it, whether on a screen or in real life.  Neither does your child.  

Let’s spend this year connecting in real time and discovering how awesome that can be.  We’ll do our best to keep you equipped with ways to do so in your parenting, whether your child is a toddler or a teen.  Join us out on the road if you can, as we talk together about Raising Boys and Girls, Intentional Parenting, and a host of other topics including our newest book Are My Kids on Track?  And spoiler alert for that one:  Yes, they are.  And so are you.  We’re talking a lot about what it looks like to practice the social, emotional, and spiritual concepts we all need to grow up.  And that happens to be a lot of what awesomeness is really all about.  You.  Your Child.  Connecting in ways that free you both to be who God has created you to be.  In real life and real time.

And here’s an article about one particularly creative mom who is using technology to her advantage.  Join us at raisingboysandgirls.com for more ways to stay creatively connected, technology balanced, and much, much more than awesome.