Wardrobe Wednesday: What to wear when everything You Wear gets ruined...

These little people that come into our lives couldn’t be any cuter, but they also can wreck quite a bit of havoc on some of the finer things in life (ie. silk, marble, a long strand of pearls, etc). 

So how do we continue to look like ourselves without wasting lots of $$$? 

The goal: being dressed (not in workout clothes or pjs) for the carpool line or school performance…but, we promise, no pencil skirts or heels required! 

1. Buy a couple of the finer things (that you absolutely cannot live without).

Wear them on date nights and when you travel (not on family vacay)! 

* If you really absolutely cannot wear silk blouses around your kids, then buy 2 or 3 that you LOVE every season…wear the heck out of them! And get new ones the next year! You can typically get about a year out of each, because you can wear them with white jeans for spring and dark for fall! So, that’s giving you a good amount of options (without over complicating things). Wear them a lot, and then give them to a younger mom who might need the same thing ;) 

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How You Can Be My Spiritual Hero

My mom became my spiritual hero in my teenage years through mango salsa and a bag of tortilla chips. After a long day of work for her and school for me, we would both find ourselves hungry for an afternoon snack. Mom would grab chips and salsa and sit in the living room to rest. I would follow her. I came for the food but I stayed for the conversation. Unplanned and unannounced, we would sit and chat.

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