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Fearless Moms Conference, Austin, TX

David Thomas will be joining Lisa Harper among others and presenting at the conference.

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Join moms of ALL ages and life stages for a full day of laughter & learning at the first ever FEARLESS MOM CONFERENCE! Moms will leave the conference with a renewed sense of self, clarity of purpose, AND practical parenting tools.

FEARLESS MOM is a judgement-free, guilt-free, shame-free community of moms who are working to be the moms they were created to be! We are all about no-nonsense, common sense parenting and equipping moms to ENJOY the motherhood life!


JULIE RICHARD and her husband Mac founded Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas in 1997. Julie’s experience covers a diverse background, including special education, elementary reading, along with early childhood, kids and student ministry. She is the founder of Fearless Mom, where she combines her unique experiences and applies all she’s learned to empower moms with skills and tools to actually ENJOY parenting their kids. With humor and joy, Julie explains the practical, everyday relevance of the Bible. She and Mac have two children, Emily (24) and Joseph (22).

LISA HARPER is a gifted communicator, whose writing and speaking overflow with colorful pop culture references that connect the dots between the Bible era and modern life. Her style combines sound scriptural exposition with easy-to-relate to anecdotes and comedic wit. Lisa has a Masters of Theological Studies and she uses her background in youth and women’s ministry to speak Biblical truth on television and radio programs, national and international women’s events and churches around the world and through her published works – including 13 books and 5 best-selling Bible Study curriculums. Lisa sites her greatest accomplishment to date as getting to be Missy’s mama. Because in April 2014, after a difficult two-year journey and several adoption losses, she finally got to bring her little girl home from Haiti and she’s been smiling ever since.

This conference is an opportunity for moms to rest, refuel and recharge without the distractions of daily life. Therefore, this conference is for moms only. Please leave all children at home. Even if you feel that your child will not prohibit you from engaging fully, your child may be a distraction to others. No children of any age will be permitted to attend.

Super Early Bird Registration until 6/30/19 – $79
Early Bird Registration from 7/1/19 until 10/31/10 – $89
Regular Registration from 11/1/19 until 1/31/20 – $99
Late Registration from 2/1/20 until event – $109

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Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN
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Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN

David Thomas and Sissy Goff to present “Raising Boys and Girls”

David helps you understand and explore the hearts, minds and ways of boys and the vital role we play on the journey from boy to manhood. Sissy dives into the heart of girls to help adults understand the different stages of development for girls: what is normal, what is not, and how to relate effectively. Melissa speaks to the heart of the adults in the life of the child - how each stage will bring up your own hopes, your own fears, even your own childhood.

They will help you learn what it means to call out the unique identity of the kids you love. The class is filled with practical tips and suggestions. You will receive fresh insight and much-needed encouragement for the road of raising boys and girls. Raising Boys and Girls will free you to parent & lead with more life and love. Raising Boys and Girls is generally broken down into Raising Boys and Girls: Kids (covering birth - elementary) and Raising Boys and Girls: Teens (covering adolescence)

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First Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN

David Thomas to present Navigating the Emotional World of Kids   |  (located in Weekley 3309) at the NextGen Winter Kickoff. For more info, click here.

Navigating the Emotional World of Kids

According to the statistics, we are the most addicted, in-debt, depressed, obese population in U.S. history.  We go to great lengths to avoid, deny, medicate or suppress emotions.  This country is full of adults who never learned how to navigate their emotions in a constructive way.  What would it look like to raise a generation of emotionally and spiritually healthy children?  

This workshop will focus on understanding the emotional development of children.  We’ll identify three important emotional milestones for kids to hit as they develop, and the ingredients for helping them reach them.  We will explore the role of temperament in nurturing kids emotionally.  Parents and educators will be introduced to practical ideas for furthering a child’s emotional development.  

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