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Lifeway Kids Ministry Conference

  • Lifeway 1 Lifeway Plaza Nashville, TN, 37203 United States (map)

Emotions In The Classroom with Sissy Goff & David Thomas

  • how to de-escalate emotions with kids during classes
  • how to encourage, support and educate parents 
  • recognize when kids and families need to be referred
  • learn what resources are available

It has never been a more complicated time to care for, serve and equip families. Trained counselors with a combined 40 years of experience will talk about issues you may be facing in these areas. 

Taming the Technology Monster with Sissy Goff

Parenting is a more challenging... and sometimes more frightening task than it's ever been before. Much of the fright and challenge have to do with our twenty-first century friend, technology. In this class, we'll discuss trends in technology among kids today, what you can do to protect your family from the dangers of this "monster," and even turn the monster into opportunities for good in the life of your child and family. 

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex with David Thomas

“When should I start the conversation?”
“I don’t want my kids to hear about things first from another source.”

“My nine year old stumbled into something on the internet. How do I address this?” “How much information is too much information?”

“My parents never talked with me about sex. I don’t have a blueprint for any kind of conversation.”

These are questions and comments we’ve heard from hundreds of parents over the years. Most parents at this time in history didn’t grow up with a healthy, ongoing dialogue about sexuality and physical development. The idea of stepping into this conversation with our kids feels a bit like traveling across the country with no GPS. Our kids desperately need education in this arena. We’ll come together to talk around 8 important ideas for shaping a healthy, age-appropriate conversation with our kids about their growing bodies, the changes they will experience, and how/when to talk about sex.