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Calvary Church, Longmont, CO

  • Calvary Church 2101 Gay St Longmont, CO, 80501 United States (map)

Sissy Goff & David Thomas present: 

"Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys" , "Raising Girls" & "Intentional Parenting" 


Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

“Why can’t he focus?  Why is he always moving?”

“He won’t talk.  I can tell he’s struggling, but he won’t open up.  Help!”

“How can I help my son experience more success in school?”

“He was so tender when he was young, and now he seems so angry.”

“Is this normal for a boy his age?”



These are questions, declarations and some of the most common cries for help I hear every day in my counseling office.  They represent the playful, puzzling, passion-filled, sometimes exhausting, fascinating and mysterious journey of raising boys. 

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys helps parents, grandparents, and educators understand and explore the hearts, minds and ways of boys and the vital role we play along his journey to manhood.  We will look at the different stages of his development and define what he needs from us in each of those stages.  

This class is packed full of practical suggestions for how to parent, teach and discipline more in tandem with the way he is designed rather than in opposition to it. Come enjoy some fresh insight and much-needed encouragement on the road to raising boys, from birth through adolescence.  

Raising Girls


Intentional Parenting 

"I just don't know any more options to try in terms of discipline."

"I am afraid I lost it with my son last night."

"How am I supposed to find time to enjoy them when we're just so busy?"

"Most parenting books I read just leave me feeling really overwhelmed."

Being a free parent.  Parent out of love and not out of fear. Spending real time--connected, engaged time with your son or daughter with no iphones, ipads, or ianything in between.  These are a few of the ideas we talk about in this seminar.  It is one born out of countless conversations we have had with parents over the years...conversations where they're wanting to talk about how to be more consistent, patient, connected, balanced, a word more intentional with their children of all ages.  This seminar is our response.  In it, we give specific ideas on 

  • being a consistent parent
  • being a patient parent
  • being a connected parent
  • being a balanced parent
  • and, finally, what it looks like to be free.

Regardless of their age, your children look to you to help them discover who you are.  This time will help you do just that.  You are growing right alongside them.  Our hope is that you will leave this seminar refreshed with humor, truth and grace and more confident to parent with all of the love, mercy and intentionality with which God continues to parent you. Understanding you.  Understanding your child.