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Brentwood Academy, Brentwood, TN

  • Brentwood Academy 219 Granny White Pike Brentwood, TN, 37027 United States (map)

David Thomas, Sissy Goff and Melissa Trevathan present: 

Raising Grown-Ups:  Milestones Your Child Needs and Might Be Missing on the Journey of Growing Up 

"My 4 year-old son won't stop yelling and throwing tantrums."

"My 14 year-old daughter seems depressed or angry all of the time--except when she's with her friends."

"I can't tell what's going on with my teenage son. He won't talk to me."

"My daughter's emotions are just so much...and so often.”

“I don’t feel like my son has ever found his own sense of faith.  How can I help?"

We want our children to grow up.We want them to grow up physically, but also emotionally, socially and spiritually.How can we, as parents, as adults who love them, help?  This class is about just that…it’s about identifying developmental milestones our kids need to pass to grow up to be healthy, well-functioning grown-up grown-ups.  Developmental milestones are benchmarks that allow us to track growth.  We look for evidence that our kids are meeting developmental physical milestones on time. Three areas lacking well-defined milestones are our kids’ emotional, social, and spiritual development.  We don’t give near the attention or focus to these arenas as we do to the physical milestones.  These are three of the most vital categories where our kids’ growth is concerned.  From this place they operate as sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and companions.   How our children develop emotionally, socially, and spiritually is what will determine who they are as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, friends and co-workers.

Join us for a time to talk about how to help our kids grow up: to do all we can do to free them to become the real grown-ups God has intended them to be.