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MOPS International - Indianapolis, IN


MOPS is... 

  •      A fun weekend just for you
  •      A space to listen, learn and share
  •      A call to be brave
  •      A spiritual renewal
  •      A practical investment 
  •      A life-changing opportunity to connect and grow

As a mom and leader you give. 
Your love. Your time. Your self.
Come receive. 
At MOMcon 2015
Woman. Mom. Leader.

You'll gain skills and confidence in each of your roles, strengthen your faith and renew your passion for outreach. Invest in yourself. MOMcon is a weekend you’ll never forget, and we’re saving you a seat.


Sissy Goff presents:

Raising Girls 

Every young girl longs for you to delight in her. Every elementary aged girl is trying to make friends and figure out how she fits in to the complex and sometimes painful world of peers. Every 7th grade girl is narcissistic, to some degree. Every 11th grade girl is desperate to find herself as separate from you, yet still stay connected. And every girl, of every age, is looking to you to help them discover who they are and who they are becoming. In this seminar, we break down a girl's development. We look at what's normal and what's not in each stage of her growing up. We'll talk about who she is and what she needs specifically from you. Girls define themselves against a backdrop of relationship. They need us, as adults who love them, to help them understand who they are and how they can navigate the world around them. They need us to help them find the strength and confidence necessary to grow into the young women they are uniquely designed to be. This seminar will help you do just that. 

David Thomas presents:

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

Understand and explore the hearts, minds and ways of boys and the vital role we play as parents along his journey to manhood. We will look at the different stages of his development and define what he needs from us in each of those stages. Come enjoy some fresh insight into the young men in our lives!


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