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First Baptist Church of Arnold, Arnold, MO

Melissa Travathan, David Thomas, and Sissy Goff present the following:

Emotions and Young Children

According to the statistics, we are the most addicted, in-debt, depressed, obese population in U.S. history. We go to great lengths to avoid, deny, medicate or suppress emotions. This country is full of adults who never learned how to navigate their emotions in a constructive way.

What would it look like to raise a generation of emotionally and spiritually healthy children?

This workshop will focus on understanding the emotional development of young children. We’ll identify three important emotional milestones for kids to hit as they develop, and the ingredients for helping them reach them. We will explore the role of temperament in nurturing kids emotionally. Parents and educators will be introduced to practical ideas for furthering a child’s emotional development. 

Back Door to Your Teen's Heart

How was your day? Fine. What'd you do in school today? Nothing.

Countless parents of teenagers tell us it feels as if someone took their child, in the middle of the night, and replaced them with an alien who looks identical.
If you have a child nearing the teenage years, or in the midst of them, you've already had this conversation...probably countless times. How do you get past it? How do you help them navigate the teenage years when they keep shutting the door as soon as you walk upstairs? How do you connect with them in a way that enables you to really connect with them in these last few years you have left? This class offers a paradigm shift for parents. You will leave this class equipped with:

¥ ways to get past the one word answers
¥ ideas of how to connect, even when they seem disinterested
¥ discipline and responsibility strategies that mature as your child does

The Back Door to Your Teen's Heart is, we believe, a disarming approach to find your way back to the child you used to know, and draw out and even enjoy who they are becoming. Join us for this time to talk, laugh and encourage each other on this tumultuous journey of raising teens. 

Modern Parents/Vintage Values

"All of my other friends have iPhones."
"I hate you!"
"Everyone else gets to ________."
"No one else has to do chores at their house."

If you have ever heard any of the above sentences, this class is for you. If you've ever said the words, "If I ever treated my parents the way my child treats me," this class is for you. If you're trying to figure out how to teach your fourteen year-old daughter how to be grateful...your ten year-old son to respect you...your twelve year-old daughter to be more confident, then we've got the class for you.

In this seminar, we look at what it means to bring those good old vintage values into

a modern world. We'll talk specifically about how to deal with issues that are more rampant and concerning than ever before: disrespect, entitlement, and the trappings of technology.

We'll also look practically at how to teach your children values like confidence, forgiveness, and responsibility. And then we'll land on some timeless truths...ideas of ways to lead your child to become sure of who they are in the security of you as their wise, connected, respected modern parent.