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our new podcast!

The Are My Kids on Track podcast is Raising Boys and Girls! Are My Kids On Track, Season One, is a companion to our newest book of the same title. We teamed up with our friend, podcast host extraordinaire, Sarah Bragg, to have a conversation about the 12 emotional, social and spiritual milestones that a child needs to reach...which we believe they are reaching to lesser degrees than ever before.  The podcast can stand alone, or can be used alongside the book, with each chapter going hand in hand with the respective book chapters. You can listen here, download the discussion questions below, and find out more about Sarah and her podcast at survivingsarah.com. And subscribe so that you’ll have access to Season 2, Raising Boys and Girls, as soon as it comes available!

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We wish we could sit around the table and talk with you about where your kids are in regard to each of the milestones.  But, our hope is that the podcast, along with the discussion questions below, will enable you to do just that.  Grab a cup of coffee and your journal, go out to dinner with your spouse or a friend, or take a deeper dive into the book with your small group.  We're all in it together, and we believe you'll find more hope for your journey...and for your child's track in reflection, conversation and community.