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Who is “Raising Boys and Girls?”

We’re Melissa, David and Sissy. We’ve been counseling kids and families for over 75+ years at Daystar Counseling Ministries, a place that one of our little friends called “the yellow house that helps people.” We are honored to take what we learn from these wise kids and families and bring it to you by way of the books we write and the conferences we share with parents and educators across the country and beyond.


New Name & New Season!

The Are My Kids On Track podcast, hosted by our friend Sarah Bragg, is now called Raising Boys and Girls! In Season One, we have a conversation about the 12 emotional, social and spiritual milestones that a child needs to reach. In Season 2, we talk about Ages and Stages for both boys and girls—who they are what they need at every stage. Our hope is to create conversation and community around these topics with free discussion questions available for download. Download the free discussion questions and join us!


Find us in your city...

You can find us at a church or school near you, talking about all things parenting, from Raising Boys and Girls to Are My Kids on Track to Intentional Parenting. We love getting to meet you in person, and consider it a great honor to laugh with you, encourage you, and learn together what it means to love the little people whose lives you touch.…

Raising Boys and Girls intends for the blog to provide general and educational information to support parents and educators in caring for the kids in their lives. The content is not intended to be a substitute for consulting with your child's pediatrician, teacher or counselor. In order to be HIPPA compliant, we cannot answer counseling related questions on this site. You may contact our office if you are interested in setting up a parent consultation, and feel that it would be helpful.